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African Swine Fever - Situation in Romania
Κατηγορίες κειμένου:
Χώρα αναφοράς: ΡΟΥΜΑΝΙΑ
Ημερομηνία: 19/02/2020
Έκδοση: Γραφείο Ο.Ε.Υ. Βουκουρεστίου (Αρμοδιότητα και για Μολδαβία)

African Swine Fever (ASF) is having a severe effect on pork production in Romania. There have been almost 3000 registered outbreaks, and more than half a million pigs have been culled in accordance with the rules set by the European Union under Council Directive 2002/60 and subsequent Commission updates.

While not stopping the spread of the virus, this has reduced national production of commercial pigs with 500.000 heads pr. year, leading the self-sufficiencyrate from local production to drop below 50%. Romania’s trade deficit from pork is now estimated to be approx. 800 million euro pr. year, contributing substantially to the growing agricultural deficit.

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