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Εταιρία: Hunan Jiawei New Energy Science & Technology Co. :td.
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Dear Sirs, 

We are Hunan Jiawei New Energy Science & Technology Co. ,Ltd, founded by the Technical Team of Central South University from China.Over 20 years of research and development experience in lithium batteries and new energy technologies, and we are an important research institute for research and development of lithium ion technology and materials in China. Now we focus on sales, manufactures and reach in material with lithium ion battery. On the technical side, We can independently design and develop special lithium ion batteries and other new energy products and high-tech production lines. It include High capacity lithium ion batteries、High-power Li-ion battery、Low-cost lithium-ion batteries and so on. We can also develop new special battery raw materials according to your needs. We have a complete set of lithium battery recycling equipment and related technology. On the product side, we also working on manufactures and sales of lithium ion battery, energy materials, supercapacitor and supercapacitor diaphragm high performance material, such as ultrafine nano-powder material, ceramic material, hard alloy and coating. 

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Marketing Manager丨Tel: +86 18273201907丨WeChat: 18273201907

Web: http://www.hnzyuan.com

Add:  Room188, Building 1, R&D Headquarters, Central South University Science Park, Yingzuo Road, Yuelu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan, China.

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